A Knowledge Base (KB) is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. The initial use of the term was in connection with expert systems which were the first knowledge-based systems.

We would like to introduce this knowledge base for your convenience. We understand that you need support to solve problems on day to day basis, but somehow it’s not happening or unable to do so by your salve.

Here comes Bittel Telecom support, we have tried to provide you all known and unknown solution that you may face on day to day basis through our site.


If you need to know how to change IP in your system. just type “IP” in search box. You will get all possible FAQs related to IP. Select it and you will find your possible solution.

If you don’t know the term we use in our product and support, just ask our KB. The KB is organized into different categories. Either choose a category from below or search the KB for the answer to your question.

The next evolution for the term knowledge-base was the Internet. With the rise of the Internet, documents, hypertext, and multimedia support were now critical for any corporate database.

It was no longer enough to support large tables of data or relatively small objects that lived primarily in computer memory. Support for corporate web sites required persistence and transactions for documents. This created a whole new discipline known as Web Content Management.


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