Sharing And Uploading Feature:

Uploading videos on Youtube, or sharing photos on Facebook must be a struggle. Your Broadband Service Provider never told that Upload Speed of your Broadband Connection is low (just told you the Download Speed of 4/6 Mbps).  Bittel Broadband offers you 1:1 speed ratio the right speed you need for uploading videos and sharing photos!

upload download feature
high speed feature

Never Before Speeds:

Bittel Broadband is an Super-High Speed broadband service, with the high capacity backbone. So, while your conventional broadband provider struggles to offer speeds beyond 5 Mbps, Bittel offers super lightning speed plans starting from 25 Mbps and soaring all the way to 100 Mbps. With super high speeds, Bittel gives you the “Bandwidth for More”. Faster Speeds mean More Entertainment, More Work, More Productivity. More Time. More Fun.

HD & 4K:

Experienced Full-screen 2160p 4K Video Streaming on YouTube yet? Or even the 1080p HD Video? Maybe the perennial buffering is keeping you at 360p.720p or lower. Shift to Bittel Broadband, and stop compromising with the quality experience.

HD streaming
no bill shock

No Bill Shock:

Bittel’s attractive plans are all Unlimited Usage “No Bill Shock” Plans. To be fair to everyone, we need to reduce the speed if your usage crosses the liberal limits that you choose for yourself.

Truly Unlimited:

The FUP limits set by the ISP restrict the Internet speed after they are exhausted under your plan. To cope up with this issue, Bittel Broadband offers.

Under its ‘Truly Unlimited’ plans, the company claims to offer unlimited Internet without data or FUP limits, which means that there will be no restriction on the amount of Internet data that you’ll consume at full speed throttle

truly unlimited
all devices

Multiple Device:

Bet your internet needs are not just confined to a single PC/ Laptop any more. You probably have a few Wi-Fi capable Smartphones, and some tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.) in your family. Maybe an Internet connected Gaming Console! And a Smart TV/ Smart TV Box is arriving soon!! Will your old stodgy broadband connection be able to handle all these? Probably Not. Choose the right speed with Bittel Broadband and satisfy the ‘Need for Speed’ of your multiple devices.

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